We help you in the change process, in identifying and mobilizing hidden potentials and in making change. 

With critical thinking, as well as positive, structured and systemic reflection on your own experience , we raise awareness and help to realize opportunities.

Company growth often goes along with personal growth.  When people get exposed to new situations, challenges and areas outside their core competencies, known processes and structure cease to hold true and prioritization of tasks becomes more and more tricky. In such contexts it is beneficial to seek a different pair of eyes that help to understand and judge the situation. Be it individual 1:1 coaching, as  co-sourced project support, or as sparring partner to the responsible project leader, we ask the right questions that help to mobilize your potential and leverage resources, in order to fully take (back) control and ownership of a situation.

 Areas of specialization:

  • Business case coaching
  • Project and leadership coaching
  • Personal coaching


Examples of focus & desired outcome:

  • Launch a project effectively
  • Establish PMO and incorporate learnings
  • Keep a project on track
  • Overcome bottlenecks and stalled processes
  • Gain acceptance and leverage potential